gral | glass shower system BH 205

The countresunk chapter in the BH 200 success story!
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BH 205

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Adaptability all along the line!


That’s the compelling advantage of the BH 205 system – from planning through installation to daily use.


The fixed panels can be connected to the wall using graceful brackets or fulllength profiles. The latter clamp the glass without the need for glass preparation measures and can also compensate structural tolerances of +/- 8 mm. After pre-fitting of the hinges to the door on the one hand and the fixed glass element or the wall on the other, the door is simply hung in place.


The fittings on the inside of the shower are flush with the glass to ensure a precise fit and easy cleaning. Continuous seals in the hinge areas keep the water where it should be so that nothing detracts from the pleasure of a shower. This toughened glass shower is therefore watertight even at these otherwise critical locations. When floor-fixed without a shower tray, the BH 205 system really shows what it can do.


The rising/lowering mechanism allows the doors to be opened outwards as required; the doors are then lowered into the closed position, where they sit close to the floor.