July 2015 - Product Optimisation shower hinge series gral BO 381


From July 15, 2015, the glass shower system BO 381 from gral will also be suitable for 8 mm TSG.
Please note the following:


- New accessory sets:

In their standard design, the shower door fittings are supplied for 6 mm toughened safety glass.
If required for 8 mm TSG, accessory sets are now available for glass/wall and
glass/glass shower door fittings containing new sealing insert pairs with associated clamping screws.
These are sold under a separate article number and need to be ordered in addition to the shower door fittings.
The relevant installation instructions are included and must be adhered to. The sealing inserts for 8 mm TSG
feature the same anti-slam protection bumpers as those used for 6 mm TSG.

You can combine the following items for 8 mm glass systems

-       Hinge glass/wall (Art. No. 70.165) + glass/wall accessory set (Art. No. 70.169)

-       Hinge glass/glass 180°/135° (Art. No. 70.166/70.167) + glass/glass accessory set  (Art. No. 70.170)


The accessory sets in each case are sufficient for one pair of shower door fittings!

(For accessory set illustrations -> see section entitled “Documents for Download”).  


The new accessory sets can be quickly and simply ordered using the article numbers indicated above via the
provitris e-Shop or through your local provitris/gral sales contact. 
(Price list -> see section entitled “Documents for Download”)

- Glass preparation:

The glass preparation remains the same for 8 mm TSG.    

- Installation instructions:
Both accessory sets come with installation instructions referring to the new sealing inserts and the new clamping
screws for a door leaf with 8 mm TSG.
(For installation instructions -> see section entitled “Documents for Download”).    

- Max. door weight:
As part of the product optimisation loop, an additional long-term functional durability test has been performed with
the higher glass weight. BO 381 glass showers have been successfully proven with 8 mm TSG door leaves weighing
36 kg. This corresponds to a door measuring 900 x 2000 x 8 mm.
(For a product certificate covering the gral BO 381 shower fittings -> see section entitled “Documents for Download.)”